The 2nd ICOS Science Conference
on greenhouse gases and biogeochemical cycles
(27-29 September 2016)



The perturbed global biogeochemical cycles induced by fossil fuel combustion and land use change and resulting increases of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere are the driving force of current and future climate change. Deeper understanding of the driving forces of climate change requires full quantification of the GHG cycles. Long-term, high precision observations in the atmosphere, ocean and on land are vital for assessing regional GHG flux pattern, tipping-points, effects of land use change and ecosystem vulnerabilities.


About half of the anthropogenic CO2 emissions are absorbed by natural carbon sinks, but it is not clear how they will behave in future under a changing climate and increasing human impact. Unexpected responses of oceans or terrestrial ecosystems might result faster or slower reductions of the GHG concentrations in the atmosphere than anticipated.


The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) requires from Parties to monitor Essential Climate Variables and the reporting of the emission inventories. After the signing of the Paris Agreement a growing demand on reliable observations, new technologies and knowledge-generating approaches is expected during the next years.


The 2016 ICOS Science Conference has gathered scientists from all over the world to discuss the timely topics in the greenhouse gas research, biogeochemical cycles, climate change and future research challenges after COP21. To learn more about the conference, including presentations and a complete list of contributions, you are invited to visit the Programme page.



Scientific Programme Committee

Werner Kutsch (Chair), Nina Buchmann, James H. Butler, Christoph Gerbig, Samuel Hammer, Martin Heimann, Truls Johannessen, Dario Papale, Leonard Rivier, Alex Vermeulen, Rik Wanninkhof


Scientific Programme Committee contacts

 Jošt Lavrič, Eija Juurola

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6 Apr 2016
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9 May 2016
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9 Jun 2016
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30 Jun 2016
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7 Jul 2016
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19 Aug 2016
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20 Sep 2016
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27 Sep 2016
ICOS Science Conference begins (27-29 September 2016)